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HfCF Intervention Resources - Modifying abusive and neglectful parenting

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Intervention guide editor: Arnon Bentovim

This guide addresses abusive and neglectful parenting associated with negative perceptions of children used to justify harsh parenting and the humiliation associated with sexual and emotional abuse. It supports the practitioner to:

  • understand how abusive and neglectful parenting affects children’s emotional and physical development
  • deliver a psychoeducation programme, exploring how parents explain harmful impacts; providing an account of toxic stress and the effects on the child’s developing brain; and the value of parents taking responsibility for abusive actions
  • explore parental stress and the link with abusive and neglectful parenting, how stress affects parents’ thinking, behaviour and capacity to provide good quality care, and factors which affect parental stress such as personal health, family of origin contexts and environmental stressors
  • help parents understand and cope with negative perceptions of their children
  • clarify, share and reconcile the impact of abusive and neglectful parenting
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