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Bori is an experienced psychologist working with people in need. Bori is bilingual (Spanish and English) and is presently based in Mexico. He has studied at universities in Mexico (Colima and Hidalgo) and Spain (Seville).

Bori is a consultant and trainer, who’s able to deliver courses from accessibility web for the visually impaired, safeguarding, violence, trauma and parenting. He specializes in helping people affected by violence and trauma. Bori has his own private practice.

Bori is a former principal of a 'foster home' for teenagers provided by the Mexican government where he managed a large multi-disciplinary staff group, caring for boys from 13 to 18, who faced situations such as recovery from violence and adverse childhood experiences. Bori is a self-published author, with three published books, two fiction and one non-fiction Criando a mis 32 in which Bori described his experiences raising teenagers and is aimed at parents who want to learn psychological theories that can help them.

Previously Bori started a social network for people with overweight conditions, building a website where people with overweight or obesity could find people also struggling and finding support from each other. Whilst based in Glasgow (UK) Bori designed and built an electronic board game for visually impaired children and established a British-based company called Smash-a-Ball Ltd to promote its use. This toy helped visually impaired children to improve their cognitive skills, such as spatial awareness, reaction speed, memory and mapping.

Now, at JUCONI Mexico, Bori leads the implementation of the CFT Hope for Children and Families training programme, and training on the use of the Assessment Framework and the HOME Inventory (UK Approach) in Mexico. Bori is able to deliver these training programmes in both Spanish and English.